Links & Resources



  • — Bible searches, audio Bibles, lots of other languages, etc.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL): Read thousands of classic Christian books, either as pdf for free or as e-book for a very small price.
  • Our Daily Bread: Daily devotionals and a yearly Bible reading plan
  • RBC Ministries resources: Helpful, short lessons to answer tough questions and help you grow
  • Tim Challies’ website: interesting links, synopses of news, discounts on Christian audio books, etc.
  • free audiobook downloads, recorded by volunteers. Many good Christian books are available. E.g., much of what MaryAnn has volunteered to read has the gospel in the background, if not the foreground.
  • Revisionist History, a podcast by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Our Daily Bread Christian University: slightly dated top-quality lectures from leading evangelical scholars. You can listen to them for free  online.
  • Biblical E Learning: Free downloadable lectures on many books of the Bible, by leading scholars. I particularly benefit from Craig Keener’s lectures on Acts and Matthew.
  • Songs for Saplings. Many albums, in many languages, that put the Westminster Catechism to catchy, high quality children’s music.
  • Thinking in Public. Albert Mohler is a tremendous reader, and he has these very thoughtful conversations, speaking as a Christian, with a wide variety of authors. The tone of these interviews is particularly grace-filled, especially considering he is interviewing many people he strongly disagrees with.
  • The Shiyr Poets. Some really good musicians, working to put the whole book of Psalms to rock music.
  • ARPA Canada. A Christian organization that seeks to keep us aware of what is happening in Canadian government that pertains to our faith. They also go before the Canadian Supreme Court and speak on behalf of a Christian worldview.
  • Christianity Today. High quality middle-of-the-road-evangelical reporting and reflection on faith and culture.
  • Getty Music. Music and church events from Keith and Kristyn Getty. The Global Hymn Sings are great to take part in.
  • Forum of Christian Leaders. Good practical, thoughtful, biblical resources to help the evangelical church in Europe. The secular context they are working with helps us here to adjust to our increasing secularization.
  • Patrick Henry College Newsmakers Interviews. Good interviews with a variety of characters whose lives and thoughts are fascinating to Christians.
  • Voice of the Martyrs. Your faith will be challenged and inspired by hearing what the church is enduring around the world.
  • Biographies (audio) by John Piper. These lives challenge us and help us to know that Jesus did not stop working through people at the end of the New Testament.